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Skin Tightening Treatments

All of us over 30-40 see our face skin beginning to loosen as well as droop, and much of us want or skin could be tighter and also extra youthful looking. Skin firm therapies such as Thermage, Titan, Refirme, LuxIR and others are usually advertized as a non-surgical face lift. Nonetheless, an unbiased comparison of a well carried out surgical face lift with the results of a non-surgical skin tightening up therapy reveals that the most effective skin tightening up therapy achieves only 20-30% of the basic face lift outcome. Skin tightening up results on the belly and also arms go to best 20% of what can be attained operatively with a tummy tuck or arm lift.

Newer, yet much more invasive, subcutaneous laser treatments are accomplishing significantly better skin tightening up than the presently readily available surface area treatments making use of Thermage, Titan, Refirme and Lux IR, in my experience. I predict that the new laser modern technology will certainly remain to enhance and slowly replace the older surface innovation which utilizes radiofrequency as well as infrared power to tighten up skin.

Exactly How Do Skin Tightening Up Therapies Function?

As our skin ages it loses elasticity. Flexibility is what holds our skin tightly to our face and also body. Flexibility depends upon collagen and also elastin, two elements of the much deeper layer of our skin called the dermis. The elastin and also collagen responsible for tight skin are located in the deepest part of the skin, simply over the fat layer which lies underneath our skin.

When collagen is warmed to 66 degrees centigrade, the collagen contracts and the skin is tightened up. This is called makeover and happens over numerous months after the collagen has actually been warmed.

The approach of all these equipments is to heat the deep collagen of the skin to create contraction of the collagen as well as remodeling, which creates skin tightening up. To achieve this deep skin home heating, radiofrequency energy (Thermage), infrared energy (Titan, LuxIR Deep), or a combination of both (Refirme) is entered the skin to warmth and redesign the collagen. These machines have advanced cooling tools to cool down the surface of the skin to prevent a burn while the energy is passed through the skin into the deep dermis.

Exactly how Reliable Are These Therapies?

These infrared and radio frequency based treatments do tighten the skin. Nonetheless 3-4 therapies set up 4-6 weeks apart are usually required for a visible outcome. In my experience a 20-30 % outcome is the very best I can accomplish.

The most telling instance of the advantage, in my experience, is that I need to show an individual a previously photo alongside a 6 month after photo for the person to see the difference. This is distinctly various from a face lift or tummy tuck result which the patient can appreciate a marked renovation in skin tone instantly after surgical procedure.

What Do These Therapies Price?

Prices differ, but usually therapies set you back concerning $1000.00 per therapy. 4 treatments are typically marked down to $3500.00. In my experience, 4 treatments are needed to see the most effective outcome.

What Brand-new modern technologies are on the Horizon?

New laser lipo methods are producing exceptional skin tightening up in addition to dissolving fat. Purpose information regarding percent of skin shrinkage complying with laser liposuction therapies are not yet readily available. Nevertheless, in my anecdotal experience, I am seeing really significant, noticeable skin shrinking after laser lipo treatments, and also results have been maintained a minimum of eight months, which is the lengthiest experience I have to date.

The brand-new laser technology is not really non-surgical however is definitely minimally invasive. A small laser fiber is positioned underneath the skin into the fat. Heat from the laser liquifies the fat and tightens up the skin.

I assume that I am seeing much better results since the laser energy is being supplied a lot more carefully to the deep collagen as well as elastin layer of the skin which is where skin elasticity resides.

My forecast is that this new minimally invasive technique will slowly change the existing transcutaneous (from in addition to the skin) strategy made use of by the superhigh frequency as well as infrared techniques discussed previously.

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